Press “Love the great honkytonk swing of this CD. Kinda modern, even punk outlaw sounding…great stuff!” –BRCFP (UK internet radio) 2009 “ would be ill-advised to miss so much as one performance of Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers; something always happens, the music's always great, and even folks who don't really like country music are diggin' it...and slowly being sucked into the alcohol-soaked vortex inhabited by Hank Williams, George Jones, and (your name here).  –NY Waste, 2002 “Honky Tonk Brooklyn-style from Sean Kershaw is just what this genre needs. Put on your cowboy boots (or take them off) for our favorite love song “Moonlight Eyes”. -Playgirl Magazine July 2005 Hard honkytonk doesn’t get any better than this. The band may be new jack but Sean Kershaw is definitely oldschool. –Lucid Culture Feb 19, 2010 Sean Kershaw slinks his strings in such a way that ladies in NY clubs go crazy! –Metromix NY 2009 They call their music .high-octane honky-tonk,. and that sounds just about right.  –New York Times Agust 13, 2006  “It’s a high-octane honky-tonk New Year’s Eve as Sean Kershaw & the New Jack Ramblers take the stage for some serious hillbilly happenings. Kershaw graced the Voice’s cover in May 2008, and he and his band have only gotten better in the waning days of 2009” –Village Voice December 20, 2009 Sean Kershaw And The New Jack Ramblers have a flair for Honky-Tonk and Rockabilly with a modern attitude and post-modern lyrics. –Wildy’s World Oct 2, 2009 ”



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